"Both my parents were Chinese national athletes. My father was a gold medalist in the ‘78 games. My mother was the world champion in ‘82. I did fencing 7-8 years, too. I was playing basketball at school when I had the opportunity in December of 2012 to be cast by JYP. I passed the auditions, but both my parents opposed it. As a joke my father said that if I became Asia’s best he would send me to Korea. Four months later I won 2 gold medals at the Asia Junior Competition. That’s how I was able to come to Korea

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Park Chanyeol is too damn sexy for you!


"hate is a strong word"

yeah but i dislike you with the intensity of three thousand burning buildings is wordy and overdramatic

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Seven Seasons will release a Dance Practice of Her when the MV reaches 2 Million views!!!

Lets go BBCs! We can do it!!!!!!

only the video on the Seven Seasons channel though!

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jay’s brother is so fucking embarrassed. 


jay’s brother is so fucking embarrassed. 

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[DAVE] I just took a picture with BLOCK B Jaehyo but do we look alike?? We met today but we really do look similar in person. If I were Korean, then it would be Jaehyo ㅋ0ㅋ pic.twitter.com/v56pJj7hlL


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